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NHS Case Note Scanning
UK Document Management have vast experience in the of scanning medical records for the NHS, our customers include St Mary's Manchester, Clinical Genetics Manchester, Christies, Sheffield N General, Basingstoke & North Hampshire, and South Sefton PCT to name just a few, and we would be happy to offer customer references on request
Why is Document Scanning an Information Governance issue for the NHS?
A vast quantity of active and inactive information exists throughout the NHS that if stored and maintained in paper form would require extensive physical storage, document retrieval and management facilities. This approach is increasingly impractical for a number of reasons and consequently digital records are now routinely created and used.
However, information within existing paper records need to be retained and will have clinical and other evidential values over a lengthy period. As an alternative to their long-term retention in paper form, these records can be scanned to produce an equivalent digital record providing correct processes are followed.
Where digital scanning of documents is proposed, it is essential that appropriate forward planning is made, and that process and quality assurance controls are properly considered, developed, tested and established.
The key principles involved are:

Storage and Access
Evidence of process reliability and compliance
What are the potential risks to the organisation of document scanning?
For a scanned document to have continuing value and be admissible in evidentiary terms when needed, then the digital image of the original document can be treated as secondary evidence in the same way as a photocopy. In this regard the provisions of the Civil Evidence Act 1995 will apply.
It is essential that any commercial document scanning solutions to be used are able to:

uarantee the authenticity and integrity of the content of your scanned documents throughout their storage period;
Store and protect all scanned data relating to the original source documents without omission;
Store data in a form that will be accessible, retrievable and readable when needed;
Where scanned data has been encrypted for security reasons, be able to decrypt it to its original unencrypted form for as long as it may be needed;
Reproduce the original source document as it was when scanned;
Maintain appropriate and auditable records of scanning activities;
Restrict access to facilities to only those with allocated responsibility.
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